I’ll try not to get ahead of myself

Yesterday I was preparing some work stuff, some advance schedules, and found it necessary to write “2010” for the first time. Not as in, “2010 is a LONG ways away and virtually impossible for my made-in-1971 brain to imagine,” but more like, “2010, which is 14 or so months away and therefore now impossible to ignore as it looms on the radar screen”. (ok, not EXACTLY that sentence, but you get the picture…)

And it was a little bit mind-boggling, in a quiet sort of way.

Time, she passes. And sometimes, she seems to pass rather more quickly than others. Perhaps it’s an age thing.  I turned 37 a few weeks ago, and yet I still think of myself as belonging to Club 32. When I think of “people in their forties” I still instinctively imagine that as people my parents’ age. Except, they’re not – I hang with people in their forties, and my dad is heading full tilt for 60.

So many things seem like they were just yesterday. And yet, every day there seems to be another reminder that they were not. A ten-year warranty expires on something I vividly remember buying.  I do some musing and realize that I’m due for another ten-year tetanus shot. Littlest announces that she’s growing her hair long for Grade 8 graduation and I realize that there probably isn’t enough time for it to get halfway down her back.

Right up until yesterday, 2010 still had that futuristic, someday-when-we-have-flying-cars feel to it. A year that was so impossibly far into the future that it couldn’t be thought of without fanciful notions and limitless speculation. Yet here it is, right around the corner, or at least the corner after that, and my flying car and robot housekeeper have yet to materialize.

Someone asked me about 6 years ago how I imagined myself 5 years from then, and I couldn’t answer the question, although I did a lot of thinking about it. Now that point has passed, and I still don’t think I could do a good job with that kind of question. This past September was not the September I ordered. Perhaps I mentioned that before? Nonetheless, it has not been anything like I imagined it would be, and I thought I had a pretty vivid and varied imagination. I’m having such a difficult time with everything being off-script that I don’t dare anticipate the next five years too particularly.

Including the advent of 2010. Although I’m ready for my flying car any time now.


One Response to “I’ll try not to get ahead of myself”

  1. kim Says:

    A wise woman once told me to take small baby steps. Let’s get through this year first…I am not ready to think of 2010…not yet. Heck I can barely fathom Thanksgiving being in a few days…Cause you know right after that it becomes the Christmas season…and i am REALLY not ready for that.

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