And Nancy drew her own conclusions

Rhododendrons don’t look anything like I thought they would.

I envisioned a tropical sort of thing, lots of green, spiky foliage, no flowers. A palm tree with no trunk, perhaps. Something moderately pretty, but rather blah. More accent than decoration, you might say.


Turns out they’re lovely flowery things, and in fact, include what I know as azaleas. Very cheerful. And poisonous, but that may or may not be of consequence, depending on whether or not you’re planning to eat one.

Silly me. But then, that’s how I roll.

I have the capacity to imagine a chain of events, or a set of circumstances, but not a limitless capacity. Too often, I forget that just because I think I know what might could probably ultimately happen isn’t the ONLY possible outcome.  I think of Frost’s poem:

Two roads, diverged, in a yellow wood…and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference…

Well, yes. But also, no. Who’s to say that both paths didn’t eventually curve ’round and end up in the same place?  And if they didn’t, who’s to say that the “different” is better or worse?

We all end up right where we’re supposed to. Sometimes because of ourselves, sometimes in spite of ourselves, where we are today is exactly where we’re supposed to be. It’s the imagining ahead of time, thinking we know what we’re dealing with, that gets us into trouble. I was all ready to actively seek out some of those rhododendrons and consider planting them in the front beds next year. All because I thought I knew pretty much what they were and what they looked like.

I like them even more now, but not for the front. Maybe the side. Maybe not. It bears consideration.

Good thing I looked before I leaped.

P.S. Babies are bustin’ out all over the blogsphere lately, with both Kira and daMomma expecting (check ’em out in the sidebar) It’s very weird – I’m happy for them, and enjoying the chronicles of Motherhood the Sequel, but I hope there’s not something in the water.


One Response to “And Nancy drew her own conclusions”

  1. kim Says:

    da Momma isn’t in the sidebar 😦

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