The traditions, they fall by the wayside

Today was School Picture Day for the little one, who’s rapidly growing up to be not so little anymore. I didn’t remember it was picture day until several hours after she’d left for school, when I frantically asked my husband, “Did she brush her hair?” This is one of the things I’ve had to learn to let go of, having wilingly sacrificed morning duty.

Remember when they were small? Picture Day was the Most Important Day of the Whole. Year. Next to Winter Concert Day, Halloween, Field Day and assorted other Days, of course. I’d try really hard to wake up early enough to help them into the outfit they’d chosen the night before, fuss over their hair, adding little clips, adornments and pretties. If the “good” shoes turned out to be too small…

Digression: Ever notice how, with little kids, the only time the “good” shoes ever fit properly is on the day you buy them? Why can a pair of sneakers last for at least two months, but the black MaryJanes only get one wearing before they’re handed down?

Anyway, if the good shoes didn’t fit, I wouldn’t worry, since the individual pictures were always head-and-shoulder shots and the girls were tall enough that they’d get placed in the back row for class pictures, where the shoes wouldn’t show.

And off they’d go, and I’d hope like heck that their picture got taken before morning recess, which was usually about as long as they’d tolerate the perfect pigtails before yanking them out.

But somewhere along the line, they got older, and decided their school pictures were their domain, and my advice and input seemed to become irrelevant.  Which has turned out to be okay – I’m usually pretty happy with the picture, regardless. And, admittedly, their pictures look a lot more like “them”, comfortable, confident and happy. This is much better than the gritted teeth, hair wrestled into place, I-can’t-believe-my-mother-made-me-wear-this-dress version.

The Knee and the Girl attached to it hobbled out to the living room today. Tomorrow, she’s going to do it twice. This recovery may not be by leaps and bounds, but step by step works just as well.


One Response to “The traditions, they fall by the wayside”

  1. Middle Says:

    It’s nice to see your blog being about someone other than “Girl with the Knee” for once. Even if I’m still waiting for my birthday blog.

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