T’is a fowl thing to encounter

Kim stole my funky bird. Or rather, I pointed out a short while ago that something she was experiencing was a nice funky bird, and it turns out that she’s decided to put it in HER NaNo.

Ah well. She is entitled, I suppose, since it was hers to begin with.

Still, it leaves me still Funky Bird-less, with only eight seven days to cage one. I’m not panicking about it, since my successful forays into NaNo in the past have always looked like this:

October 30, noon: No, I’m not doing NaNo, are you crazy?

October 30, 8 p.m.: Still not doing NaNo, why would I put myself through the insanity?

October 31, 9 a.m.: I am NOT getting sucked into the madness, oh no I’m not.

October 31, noon: Nope, no way in H*ll. Can’t make me.

October 31, 8 p.m.: Okay, Halloween’s over, let’s eat all the KitKats as soon as the kids fall asleep.

October 31, 11 p.m.: Here I am, wide awake with my brain going ninety miles a minute, but that doesn’t mean I can write a book, are you crazy?

November 1, 12:01 a.m.: Once upon a freakin’ time…

Come to think of it, my UNsuccessful forays were the ones that started with malice aforethought. Or at least premeditation. The ones that worked, I was clueless as to plot, character, setting, etc. right up until about fifteen minutes before the starter pistol fired. So maybe it’s the thinking that causes me the problems. Maybe I should just sit back and see what happens…

I know that I want to write something funny. And that I want the dead body to make an appearance by the end of the first chapter. Other than that, I got nuthin’.

Except for a suspicion that I may be a little more twisted than I realize.


One Response to “T’is a fowl thing to encounter”

  1. kim Says:

    You can have the funky bird…she is my gift to you…I just need her to pop up in one or two scenes…maybe we could split her down the middle?
    Or she could be a crossover…like on all the cool shows! CSI did it, I don’t see why we couldn’t!

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