If money can’t buy happiness, then why is it for sale?

The gloom and doom of the headlines finally started to get to me over the weekend. Yes, I’m one of those who refuse to utter the “R” word, instead referring to the current economic climate as a “bagel” in the manner of an old West Wing episode. But with a news page set as my home page, and my daily surfings including both the local daily AND the radio station’s news page, I was starting to slide into a funk.

So, just offhandedly, I Googled “good news”, figuring that since you can find ANYTHING on the Internet, surely to Heaven, someone must have created a site for good news.

Someone has, as a matter of fact. And my cockles got all warmish as I scanned headlines about people being rescued from foreclosure and 8 year olds with autism earning their black belt in karate. But then I clicked on a headline to read the rest of the story and my cockles froze over again.

You see, the good news is only accessible to subscribers, and a subscription costs money. Not much money, but still…

And one wonders how so much of the world becomes jaded and cynical.

So, maybe I’ll find some good news and share it here. For FREE. Because Baby, it’s cold outside, and with the price of heat skyrocketing, there ain’t many pennies left over to pay for good news that will warm your heart.

From cbs4denver.com:

Denver police are honoring an 11-year-old boy who they say is a hero.

Roman Ross jumped into a pool in his apartment complex over the summer and rescued a little boy who was gasping for air.

On Monday morning Ross received an official Denver police hat, a commendation letter and the Bill Daniels Neighborhood Hero Award at Hill Middle School.

And from standardspeaker.com:

Teachers patrolling the halls of Jim Thorpe High School are trying to catch students in the act.

The act of kindness, that is.

Having faculty scout for good, rather than bad, behavior is one result of a club that started this year after winning $1,000 in the Pay It Forward Contest of the Standard-Speaker.

The Random Act of Kindness Club asks Jim Thorpe students to meet weekly challenges such as to make someone laugh or be especially kind to teachers.

Well, it’s a start. Any other good news to share for FREE? Leave it in the comments!


One Response to “If money can’t buy happiness, then why is it for sale?”

  1. Keith Wilson Says:

    Let’s see… good news…. Hmmm….
    I know!
    No, wait, that sucks.
    Nope, sorry, drawing a blank,
    NO WAIT! I do have one…
    All of our kids love us.


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