Oh, all right, I’ll write.

November 2, 11:15 pm: How can I not?

On an ordinary lawn, on an ordinary street, in an ordinary town, a far from ordinary little girl was carrying on a conversation with a garden gnome.”

Do I win for worst opening line?


4 Responses to “Oh, all right, I’ll write.”

  1. kim Says:

    Are you doing children’s lit this time around?
    And no, i don’t think you would win. Maybe top 10 though (just kidding….it really is not ALL that bad. It is NANO for pete’s sake. The wordier the better!)

  2. Linda Sherwood Says:

    It might not be the worst opening line. I’d say it was kind of ordinary….

  3. Angela Klocke Says:

    No, you do not win. Because I want to know what happens next!

  4. Keith Wilson Says:

    Yeah, you win. That sucked! (Just because you wanted it to)

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