I’m going to get organized if it kills me and it probably will

The title here is a play on the Golden Pen Award I received from Momwriters in 2001, the “I’m Going To Write If It Kills Me And It Probably Will” award. I don’t believe I’ve won a Golden Pen since then, but the 2001 award, a cute little cross-stitched square with my name on it, is tacked to my office wall.

I know this because tonight I moved my walls around.

>>pause while you contemplate that for a moment

No, I didn’t move the WALLS, I moved the stuff on the walls. Lemme tell ya ’bout my walls for a moment…

When The Hubs Darling Hubby Mr. Husband That Guy Whose Children Generate 4 Loads Of Laundry A Day

>>digression…You know, other bloggers have nifty little code names for the people they live with, but I can’t come up with something that’s both smart and semi-unique. Since I found out that the Naked Chef isn’t really NAKED, I’ve considered that, but still…let’s call him The Man. Because he is. The rest of the household is female, which I’m sure will eventually earn him a special place in the After, because now? Now he is surrounded by women in this house, all of whom want to tell him what to do, and invade his Manspace and use up his shaving cream when the Skintastic runs out, and living with that takes a particular type of patience and fortitude, you know?

So, some years ago, The Man put up walls in the basement in the places I pointed at, and it was called My Office, and it was good. And he offered to paint it all pretty and girly (but professional-ish too) but I said NO, leave the drywall bare. Wouldn’t even let him tape, sand and prime. Because to me, those walls? of My Office? Were going to be one giant memo/bulletin board.

So he shook his head and left me to it, and I began to pushpin my merry little way to visual reminders nirvana.

But that was 8 years ago, and the walls, they filled up. Calendars, white boards, children’s artwork, inspirational notes and sayings, kudos and thank yous, post-its with writing prompts and ideas. It was all there, from the efficient (deadline sheets for the mag) to the frivolous (a little plaque that says “There’s nothing wrong with me that a little chocolate won’t help”)

I’m a piler, not a filer (though I have a lot of files too), except I pile things on the walls. And while I have, over time, developed some organizational methods and tactics that work for me, my New Year’s reality check has forced me to acknowledge that they’re not working ENOUGH.

I can do better. Particularly in the area of long-term planning.

So I’ve rearranged the material on the walls a bit, and incorporated some changes in the calendar department. I can already tell it’s going to take some getting used to. I glance up from my screen and my first thought is, “What’s THAT doing there?”

Let’s not forget that in December 2006 I moved my desk two inches to the right and I think I finally adjusted to that last week.

If you’re in a good-vibe-sending mood, send them in the direction of my Green Kangaroo (the one in the middle). She’s got her French language proficiency exam/interview tomorrow which is the next step in qualifying for the federal Page Program.  So nervous was she, she went to bed before 10:30 tonight for the first time since she was a year old.


One Response to “I’m going to get organized if it kills me and it probably will”

  1. The Man Says:

    Gack!!! I’ve become The Man when I spent so much time being against The man. Does this mean I have to turn in my secret decoder ring from the rebellious teenager club? I’ve been using it to interpret the children and… even though I like to club others with irony I don’t like it.

    And how does Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans blend in some unholy way into middle child?

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