The 12-minute semester

I did everything right.

Last week, I filled out the little form, put it and my payment in the drop box, went to the bookstore and spent $115 on the designated textbook.

This week, I arranged supervision for the Little One, co-ordinated transportation with all the other people in the house, and on the appointed day at the appointed time, arrived at College to begin the Next Stage of my Educational Journey.

I joined all the other “older” adults milling around the notice board, gave my course number to the helpful lady with the laser pointer and waited whilst she scanned the list to tell me what classroom to go to.

It wasn’t on the list.

I followed directions to the Continuing Ed. office, told the nice girl at the desk my course number and waited patiently while she investigated.

The course was cancelled due to low enrollment.


I went back to the bookstore, returned the $115 textbook, and cried a little bit into a large Double Milk from Tims.

Then I went to the mall, surprised the Green Kangaroo at work, bought her some dinner and bought myself a new book and some underwear.

Apparently, God has other plans for me right now that don’t include the Great Return To Higher Learning. I have no idea what those plans are, but I shall keep pluggin’ along.

Dern it.


3 Responses to “The 12-minute semester”

  1. Keith Wilson Says:

    Maybe just not meant to be. You’ll get there, just not this one, keep trying!

  2. Linda S Says:

    Talk to the department the class is offered through or possibly contact the instructor. Key question: When was the last time this class wasn’t canceled?

    Were their other sections that filled up, and just yours was canceled? Or was it just this one section/time for this class, and there aren’t enough people interested?

    Would the instructor consider independent study?

  3. Angela Klocke Says:

    Awww…dang it!

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