I’m going to believe in Karma anyway

Those who have followed my leap-frogging from blog host to blog host may recall that many, many moons ago, I wrote of the child who’d had her bike stolen. Repeatedly.

The child is now getting pretty close to grown up.  So grown up that earlier this week, she took her hard-earned savings -money she’s earned and saved over the last three years, first delivering flyers, then from various part-time jobs (sometimes more than one at once!) – and bought herself an e-bike.

The kid is a good kid. She studies hard, works hard, and though we’ve certainly had our clashes, she’s generally pretty co-operative. In deciding on this purchase, she researched, figured out how it would work when she goes away to school next year, thought about it, rethought it, and thought a third time. 

An e-bike, for those who don’t know, looks like a Vespa but runs on an electric motor. They are legal in Ontario, following mostly the same rules as a bicycle-  wear a helmet, adhere to the rules of the road. They go a maximum of 35 km/h, a charge lasts about 100 km and they cost as much to charge as it does to plug in a toaster. No licence, but there is an age limit, and no insurance. They are financially and environmentally an excellent choice for urban transportation for a young adult.

Tonight, the kid came out of the mall from her four-hour shift and into the parking lot and discovered that someone – likely a driver pulling into the parking space without paying attention – had knocked her e-bike to the ground. One brake handle was broken right off and the thing had been hit so hard that the battery compartment had popped open and the battery was lying on the ground.

Need I mention that there was no note saying “sorry, here’s my number, I’ll pay for any damage”?

I think this is a kid who truly tries to be good for the sake of being good. And it’s hard to do that when you are repeatedly reminded that Some People don’t subscribe to the same philosophy. It’s hard to remember that what you put out into the universe will, eventually, come back to you ten-fold.  But she just keeps on being a decent person. I’m proud of her.

What goes around, comes around. And that goes not just for the good, but for the jerk who hit the bike too – karma will kick you in the butt, rest assured.

Particularly if your little hit-and-run is identified by the mall parking lot security cam when they have a look at it tomorrow.


3 Responses to “I’m going to believe in Karma anyway”

  1. AGK Says:

    That truly bites. I hope the guilty person was caught on camera. ARG!

  2. Linda Sherwood Says:

    So when do we know if the guilty was caught on tape?

  3. middlechild Says:

    The jerk was never caught, and the break handle was only $15 to replace, but now my bike’s got some scratches, plus I had to go without it for quite some time.
    I’ll be parking on the sidewalk from now on, believe me.

    Ps. Harass this woman until she gives me a birthday blog.

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