Wait just a freakin’ minute now….

When one has taken to making weekly visits online to Entertainment Weekly to keep up with the Lost coverage, one tends to accidentally absorb OTHER information. Ok, not absorb it, as such. Let’s say, notice and file away for future processing. Like when you’re wandering back and forth to the fridge and you notice a a bread tag on the floor, but you’re headed for the fridge, and then you’re focused on the food you’re making/eating, then on the dishes, and you see the bread tag nine times and somewhere, a little voice in your head says, “You’re going to have to do something about that bread tag. Like, ACKNOWLEDGE it and DEAL with it.” But the slightly louder voice in your head is muttering “fridge/food/dishes/breadtagLATER.”

What, that doesn’t happen to you?

It happens to me. And as I said, I’ve been visiting EW weekly for a few months and quickly clicking right through to the Lost coverage, but that home page still registers, you know? And today, I went to EW online, but you know, Lost is over now…

DIGRESSION: And by the way, the season finale could have been just two scenes longer and I would have been fine with that. I mean, fade to white without our Losties reuniting? That’s just cruel.

Anyway, Lost is over, which leaves me to notice other stuff on EW, and today I saw that they’re remaking Red Dawn, which is the latest in a succession of notices about remakes of other 80’s movies and TV movies, like Footloose, the Karate Kid, V, Short Circuit

To which I say…bleh. I mean, it ain’t been that long, people. I am NOT that old. And while some of these movies may not have been much in the first place, (personally I think Weird Science should never have happened), can you imagine if there’s truth to the rumour that another Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is coming? You can’t improve on that, you simply can’t.

And some of these were so very 1980s, if you know what I mean. A new Red Dawn? Who’s the enemy going to be? What will Red Dawn look like post 9/11?

There’s got to be new stories to tell. I know that the themes of these movies are, in many ways, timeless, but you can still tell a new story, or put it in a new place. How about a movie with a 2003-type blackout as a backdrop? Or a movie about a group of teenagers that have to go 48 hours without a cell phone in their hands? That would be interesting.

Or something.  But 20 or so years isn’t long enough to wax nostalgic about, not yet – after all, I still have my Tommy Howell scrapbook stashed around here somewhere.  And the current generation of movie makers is more than clever enough to come up with their own statements without repeating the past.


One Response to “Wait just a freakin’ minute now….”

  1. Angela Giles Klocke Says:

    They really need to leave it all alone and work on new ideas, frankly.

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