At risk of becoming a blog about middle age

Yet another how/when/why did I get so old post. Went to the Little League game tonight. It’s early in the season, so all the mommies and daddies are just getting comfortable with each other. I spent 20 minutes having a lovely conversation with another mom, reminiscing about our own Little League days in the ‘hood. At one point, our experiences contradicted each other, and I fluffed it off as, “well, I must have played a few years before you did.”

“Not really,” she answered. “I’m a year older than you.”

I spent about 15 seconds wondering how in Dog’s name this complete stranger could know exactly how old I was. I took off my sunglasses and squinted at her and realized she’d been in my Grade 9 Biology class and that we’d been married in the same church.

I was very embarassed and apologized for not putting two and two together. Especially when she said, “I have a signed copy of your book!”


Plus, my children are starting to wonder if there’s anyone I don’t know, as this happens with alarming frequency. Guess it’s bound to happen when you stay pretty close to home your entire life. But I never imagined myself starting conversations with “Before we begin getting to know each other, can I ask if we already do? Saves time and sheepishness and all that.”

Or maybe I should just not wear sunglasses that obscure my vision.


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