All the important things

Normally, I’m pretty aware of “time.”  I may not always have the best grasp of the minutes or the hours, but days, weeks and months I’m pretty good at.

Why then, does it suddenly shock me to realize that two weeks from tonight I will be the parent of Someone Who Lives In A Dorm?

It’s this chaotic broken summer is what it is. Green Kangaroo was supposed to be home only on Fri and Sat nights, being off at her camp job the rest of the time. But first there was the week when my grandmother fell, and GK came home in the middle of the week for a quick hospital visit. Then she (GK, not Grandma), got a promotion to Day Camp and the first week’s day camp was a block from home, so she was home all week. The next week’s day camp was a little further afield, so she was home four nights, gone two nights, then home again for two nights. Now it’s Week The Last, but due to a family vacation next week…

She’s only going to be sleeping at home FOUR more times before she moves.


The pile in the corner of her room grows large – towels, toiletries, all the bits and bobs that a university dorm room supposedly requires. Tonight was a “grocery” shop, groceries consisting primarily of KD cups,  tea bags and Oreos.

Hopefully, she’ll buy a few pens and some notebooks before classes start.


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