And the band played on…

I’m blogging more often than Linda these days – quick, somebody check to see if the apocalypse is nigh…

Kira’s doing a lovely job of making me want to try Active Life: Extreme Challenge for Wii. As someone who’s last posted Wii age was 78, I can sympathize with her and her destroyed calf muscles. However, I can tell you that one need not pursue an “Active Life” to induce the feeling that one is over the hill and halfway down the other side.

TKATGATI has a boyfriend and the boyfriend has Rock Band. He brought it over last night and the children invited me to play.

I’d tried it before at the Didn’t The 80’s Rock And Isn’t That A Great Reason To Have A Party party, and knew that my eye-hand co-ordination is shameful to one who grew up on PacMan and Mappy. So I tried a round of playing the bass and did a respectable job, all things considered.

And then they gave me the microphone.

After the first song, TKATGATI suggested I was not singing with very much energy. I lamented that, given a song I actually knew, I’d do much better.

It should be noted that of the available selection, I knew only Hungry Like The Wolf and Eye Of The Tiger. So Hungry Like The Wolf I went. Then Eye Of The Tiger.

Then I needed a nap.

I also need RockBand, ’cause it’s wicked fun. Can you get the Footloose soundtrack with that?


4 Responses to “And the band played on…”

  1. Kim Says:

    three posts in four days?
    These are strange times we are a living!

  2. Linda Sherwood Says:

    I love Rockband!

  3. Linda S Says:

    As soon as you brag about posting more than me, you quit posting. What is up with that?

  4. GK Says:

    The first time I decide to check your blog from up here and there is NOTHING new?!
    You could at least write about how mundane life is without me 🙂

    GK ❤

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