A little of everything

How much can I write in the time it takes to cook a frozen pizza?


I’ve started school, made it off the waiting list, and so far it’s okay. I think our particular community college needs to be a little more creative in how they deal with students – I’m ‘part time’, which is neither full time or continuing education. Continuing ed. happens at night, and it’s almost impossible to complete a full diploma program that way. (there are exceptions) Full time is the day programs. My program isn’t offered at night, so I go during the day but only take two classes. I am a woman without a category.

I’m also moderately annoyed at the way they deal with tuition. As a part time student, my tuition is calculated at an hourly rate x hours of class per week x 16 weeks ( a semester) So, for my one class, the tuition is roughly $240 plus whatever fees I have to pay (and I can’t even fathom the system used to calculate that)

So far, for said class, there have been six scheduled class hours (three hours once a week). Except instructor only taught 2 hours the first week and one hour the second. All indications is that this while continue. And while most of the students are going “whoohoo, we get out early!”, I’m thinking that the college has already stolen $15 of my money. If the pattern continues and we get out, on average, 90 minutes early every week, the end of the semester will bring 24 hours of class time I paid for that didn’t exist.

When do you think I should ask for my 120 bucks back?

I might not be so nidgy about it except the class starts at 8 freakin’ a.m.

However, the program itself is very interesting, and I think I’m going to like it. And the other class looks good.


Every time the TD Canada Trust commercial comes on, I think to myself, “I’d like that green chair.”


Every time the Kangaroo skypes from university, there is a boy in the background. In her room. It’s not always the same boy. Should I worry?


At the same time as I have embraced the life of a pedestrian, I have committed to being out of the house before 8 a.m. on two mornings a week. I’m tired, and we’re getting the hang of things, but what was I thinking?


Something went tragically wrong with my Outlook program this weekend and I appear to have lost everything. Nothing in there was backed up, no contacts, no folders, nothing. I think this is called learning the hard way.


Pizza’s done. See ya!


2 Responses to “A little of everything”

  1. Keith Wilson Says:

    I’m tired of being tested too, I think I’ve passed the tests now, give me my life diploma. One of these days things will begin to go the other way for all of us, the curse of this street will end! And yes, you should worry about the boys.

  2. Linda S Says:

    Yes, worry about the boys. She wouldn’t expect anything less. 😉

    As for the teacher cutting out early, this is a no-no. It isn’t allowed. Especially in schools that are big on “contact” hours.

    I would guess the teacher is inexperienced or is switching times. I normally teach a 1 hour and 15 minute class, but sometimes I teach for 50 minutes and there are times where I was expected to teach for a three hour block. It took a time or two for me to figure out how to “re-pace” myself.

    You can complain to the department.

    As an instructor, I tend to make a note about what time the class gets out. I teach four classes in a row. Some start on the hour and some start on the half hour. If I don’t write down the time that the class gets out, I will think I 1) either have more time left than I do or 2) don’t have any time left.

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