I prefer to call it creative thinking

two-toed-slothAbout three weeks ago, I suffered some sort of email crash that may or may not have been linked to a virus, and could no longer access my Outlook. It was crisis time, and I cobbled together a solution with spit and baling wire, i.e. acccess email from the Web on my Mac, make great use of Shared Docs between the two ‘puters, etc.

Yesterday was finally time to bite the bullet and solve the problem. Which, as it turned out, couldn’t be solved. I was able to recover a small number of emails I had in folders – all of it stuff I could live without. The rest of it?

Contacts: gone. Subscription confirmations: gone. Emails saved for future reference: gone.

We’re talkin’ ten years of contacts. Several years worth of subscription passwords, etc. All gone.

Note to others: Don’t let your Outlook folders surpass 2gb. Think of it as piling papers on a shelf. Eventually, the papers get too heavy, the shelf collapses. That’s all I’m sayin’.

So yesterday I backed up everything else, and once again restored to factory. It’s a fairly simple way to clear your computer of any crap that’s clogging things up – the kind of crap you can’t necessarily see, or remove, any other way.

Today was rebuilding day. I spent the morning updating IE again, downloading the service packs AGAIN, etc. Found a real sweet deal on Office Ultimate 2007 too, thanks to a tip from The Man. If you’re student taking even one course at a college or university, you can get it now for $64 CDN.  Regular price is $600 plus. Go check it out, all you need is an educational email address.

So, after 9 years of getting major mileage out of my Office 2000, I’ve come out of the dark ages.

Anyway, for whatever reason, when my computer restored, it’s got the time set at 4 hours past the time it actually is. Every time I glance at the corner of my screen it bugs me. Bugs me buggy.

But have I changed it?

No, instead I do the math. And ten bucks says that five days from now I’ll still be doing the math, because sometimes, I’m just a little lazy.


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