One foot in front of the other

It’s now been almost six weeks since I went car-less, and so far, it’s been pretty tolerable. Irony – I’ve had two weekend trips in excess of 400 km round-trip since then. Thank goodness for friends and their willingness to loan their car!

Walking has been okay, as has the bus, but of course, it hasn’t snowed yet. Nor have I been required to go anywhere in a nice autumn downpour.

Things I am noticing: I think things through a little more. I have fully embraced reusable shopping bags. And I’m much less prone to feeling like I have to rescue people. As in, “I have to go to…” and I’m not jumping up and saying “I can drive you!” ‘Cause I can’t. Also, I have no idea what the price of gas is on any given day.

Also, people need to not have cell phone conversations on the bus. The other day, Mannerless Maisie boarded the bus, sat down in the very front seat and proceeded to Make Calls. Call #1 was to someone she hadn’t seen in a while, what’s going on with you, yada yada. Oh, you’re coming over tomorrow? Sure, I’ll be home all day, HERE’S MY ADDRESS. Note: Woman was not talking in a hush hush voice. I hope Back Row Creep wasn’t noting her address with intentions to go and axe murder her tomorrow.

Call #2 was leaving a voice mail with someone, including the phrases, “you know who this is, let me tell you something, knock off the crap, stop trying to make trouble for me, leave me alone, I know where you live and if you don’t knock it off I’m going to come over there and THERE’S GOING TO BE TROUBLE.”

Also at a volume level of Top Of The Lungs.

A few more calls ensued, while I tried desperately to read my textbook and tune her out. Then Tactless Tess got on the bus already talking on HER cell phone. She sat across from Mannerless Maisie and I watched/listened to several minutes of She’s Making It Hard For Me To Hear So I’ll Talk Louder And Then She’ll talk Louder And Then I’ll Talk Louder complete with glares between them. Tactless Tess finally got up to switch to a seat further away still talking and between her purse, the phone squeezed between her ear and her shoulder and the potholes, she just about ended up in my lap.

This is rilly rilly starting to bug me. For crying out loud, don’t these people have homes where they can carry on their social conversations? Or books to read on the bus?

Oh, and thanks to the Two Chatterers, the driver didn’t hear the bell ding when I pulled the cord and I got dropped off two blocks past my stop. Although it might also have had something to do with the earbud trailing from his ear.

Irony: In my class earlier that day, we’d seen a presentation about summer work placement where the recruiter actually felt it necessary to remind people that when they do their phone interview with the company, they ought not to be in the bathtub or on the bus, etc.

But other than that, it’s been okay. I don’t feel trapped, isolated or stranded. And I have a snazzy new coat and scarf, and feel very urban.

My Green Kangaroo is home for the holiday weekend, and it’s great. School seems to be really working for her, and I’ve promised to add her to my blogroll when I get around to making one. Meanwhile, it’s 4:30 a.m. according to my computer clock, which means it’s midnight-thirty, and time to call it a day.


One Response to “One foot in front of the other”

  1. Keith Wilson Says:

    Not to be picky on such a wonderous Thanksgiving day, but you linked to the friend who is married to the friend who loaned you the car. The friend you linked to is a constant passenger!

    Just sayin.

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