Pedestrian living

Life without a car continues without incident – and the bus ride today wasn’t so bad either. No cell phone talkers, no Sudoku-playing drivers, and it wasn’t raining. I am shocked at the sudoku thing – I can neither drive a bus NOR do I understand Sudoko, so while being mildly impressed at someone who can do both, I do think it a stretch to even think about doing them at the same time.

There have been four major car accidents locally in the past week, and that’s not including what I’m sure are numerous fender-benders that go unreported. It’s a week when, after perusing the daily headlines, I’m awfully glad to be “off-road.” There have been fatalities, which is tragic – there have also been stupidity-behind-the-wheel type things, like the inebriated driver that took out four parked cars and someone’s fence on an otherwise deserted street in the wee small hours.

Seriously people, don’t drink and drive. Not even a little bit. If not for your own sake, then for everyone else’s.

The only recent drawback to not driving was passing up the sale for bottled water, 99 cents for 12 bottles. I had other purchases, and just couldn’t face hauling water on foot as well.

Of course, it still hasn’t snowed yet, nor has the sporadic cold weather occurred when I needed to go somewhere, so stay tuned.


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