Not Got Shot

It seems like every conversation this last week inevitably makes its way to one topic – H1N1 and the Vaccine, or lack of it. Heard and said repeatedly in the last seven days:

Did you get the shot?

Are you getting the shot?

Is there a clinic today? Where’s it at? Do you think the lines will be long?

Let’s hope the country is equipped to handle a pandemic – they seem awfully inept at dealing with a public vaccination effort. First, let’s impress upon everyone how dangerous this virus can be and urge them to get the shot. Then let’s make it nearly impossible for anyone to get it.

A small number of shots for large populations. Regional discretion on how the clinics are handled. A couple hours from here, they managed to vaccinate in the elementary schools. Here in our city, they haven’t managed to cover the health care workers. People are standing in line for hours not knowing if they’re going to be able to get the shot when they DO get to the head of the line. The high risk group definitions seem to change week to week – last week, our entire household was considered high risk. This week, only one of us is.

So, even though I, long-time believer in conspiracy theories, am willing to get the shot, I can’t. Not yet – and who knows when? Meanwhile, people have died, most are scared, and my hands have never been so clean in all my life.




2 Responses to “Not Got Shot”

  1. Kim Wilson Says:

    I want to get all of us vaccinated, but as you pointed out we have no idea when we will be allowed to do so. It would have been nice to have them BEFORE we got sick.

  2. Linda Sherwood Says:

    Really, you would want to be vaccinated? I don’t.

    But really, I am just commenting to say what a great job your episode recap of V was! I was very impressed. I particularly liked how you discussed the character’s motivations and things (the mother bear analysis was one example of this).

    Plus, I am FLOORED over how much you remember about the original series. I remember it, but I definitely don’t remember it with that kind of detail.

    Great job!

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