But I don’t NEED magenta

For about three days now, my printer has been warning me that I’m about to run out of magenta ink. This irks me on many levels.

The printer is one that, should any of the ink cartridges run dry, everything comes to a full and complete stop. Not like the old days, when, on the days when the black ink cartridge would run dry, I’d simply print everything in navy blue. No no – not in this era of technology so convenient it’s inconvenient.

Admittedly, I knew this when I bought the printer a few years back. And I knew the printer ran on not two but four ink cartridges – black, cyan, yellow and magenta. CMYK.  And I was assured that, generally, with average printing use, all three colour cartridges would run dry at roughly the same time, making it more sensible to purchase the rainbow pack than individuals.

They lied. I’ve replaced the Cyan three times this year, and this is the first magenta to go. And I just replaced the black three weeks ago, after having to wait to replace it until my income caught up with my outgo, and now I’m subject to printer stoppage again.

It’s maddening. Particularly since I don’t NEED magenta, not theoretically. Most of my printing is in black , and I even use the “fast normal” setting most of the time. I’m not an ink Nazi – if it needs printing it needs printing – but neither am I devil-may-care when it comes to wasting ink. I pace myself.

I could go months without NEEDING the colour magenta. Except for the fact that my printer won’t run without it. Unless someone smarter than me has figured out how to outsmart the printer.


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