And what a hoopla it was

The Baby turned 13 last week – I know! – and had decided, quite some time ago, that turning 13 required a “bash” of the highest order.  I even offered her Black Friday cash in lieu of a party, but she didn’t bite.

So, a bash we did have. She hadn’t thought about much beyond who she wanted there and what she wanted to eat, so as we readied the invitations, we started to make decisions. In the end, although it was a combination of themes, I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. The kids – all 16 of them, aged 12-14, seemed to really enjoy themselves. So here’s how we did it.

The party was held in the community room of a relative’s apartment building to accomodate the Baby’s friends and family members (I think the final tally was about 30). On the invitations, we asked guests to wear their fancy clothes a a masquerade mask.

We decorated the room in an array of purple, gold and silver. Purple and silver tablecloths, gold doilies with a floating tealight in a glass dish, and gold star ctable confetti. Silver and purple stars hung from the ceiling, and streamers and balloons rounded things out.

Dinner was buffet-style, simple penne and salad. And potato chips – lots and lots of potato chips. And cake, of course.

Stumped for entertainment beyond karaoke, we rented a Crown & Anchor Wheel and Blackjack mat from a nearby rental company. Each guest was given an equal number of poker chips to play with. No one was forced to play – they could also sing karaoke or just sit and loiter, the way teens do. But the kids really took to it – karaoke was quickly abandoned.

After about an hour of gaming, guests were directed to the Auction Table. I’d prepared 16 gift bags, all different sizes, with dollar store items and candy inside. However, the kids didn’t know what was inside the bags, so they were invited to use their “winnings” to “bid” on the bag of their choice.

Everyone opened the bag they’d “won” at the same time, to find that, in spite of shape and size the contents were all equal in value. Things like silly putty, light-up keychains, funky shoelaces, hand sanitizers (ah, the age of H1N1), Post-its, etc.

They really seemed to have a good time.The boys even wore ties, and only one kid didn’t have a mask.  There were adults present the whole time (someone had to run the Crown & Anchor) and the kids didn’t seem to mind. And it seems that kids are a little less rambunctious when they’re dressed up!

And now the Baby is 13!


5 Responses to “And what a hoopla it was”

  1. amandahaggert Says:

    I loved the party Mama! Thanx so much!

  2. universityandtheuniverse Says:

    It’s official – I finally blogged so you have 24 hours to catch up.
    That’s how it works, right?

  3. universityandtheuniverse Says:

    This is getting QUITE ridiculous.
    If you have nothing else you can always blog about me 😉

  4. universityandtheuniverse Says:

    Two days away from being a month, and that is just borderline ridiculousness.
    Blog about me, if need be 😉

  5. Kim Wilson Says:

    You are going to post before the end of the year right? You are running out of days!

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